Summary of the VGIscience Summer School 2017

The VGIscience Summer School was organised in the frame of the priority programme Volunteered Geographic Information (SPP 1894) of the German Research Foundation. The aim was to give PhD students who are at an early stage of their academic career insights in to current research topics related to geographic information extraction, geovisual analytics and social computing and the application of such methods to VGI. The summer school took place from 11.-15. September 2017 at TU Dresden, Germany.

Around 25 PhD students, 12 postdoc researcher and 15 lecturers/professors participated. The program consisted of various lectures on research-related topics including graphical probabilistic models, deep learning, space and time extraction, interaction and coordinated views as well as quantitative and qualitative methods in social science. In the afternoon guided practical exercises and demos were carried out as well as project related independent group work. Therefore open research questions had be identified within a reading group at the beginning of the summer school. Postdoc researchers were mentoring the small research groups.

Picture of the ParticipantsParticipants of VGIscience Summer School, 11.-15. Sep. 2017 in Dresden, Germany

Within the priority program, funds were granted for gender equality promotion and the support of a young mother within the VGI Science Summer School.

Course material:

Scientific Committee: Ackermann, Hanno; Andrienko, Gennady; Andrienko, Natalia; Burghardt, Dirk; Denzler, Joachim; Dickmann, Frank; Diehl, Alexandra; Dijk, Thomas van; Dransch, Doris; Dunkel, Alexander; Ertl, Thomas; Fan, Hongchao; Fiedrich, Frank; Freksa, Christian; Funke, Stefan; Hotho, Andreas; Keim, Daniel; Koch, Steffen; Kuchinke, Lars; Mocnik, Franz-Benjamin; Purves, Ross; Rahul, Deb Das; Rosenhan, Bodo; Rother, Carsten; Storandt, Sabine; Stumme, Gerd; Thom, Dennis; Unger, Andrea; Wolff, Alexander; Wolter, Diedrich; Wrobel, Stefan; Yang, Bin; Yang, Michael; Zipf, Alexander

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